180 Hours, Part Three: Opening Up
180 Hours, Part Three: Opening Up aot stories

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He's surprised a moment later by the friendly gaze of the woman at the door. He doesn't know exactly what he was expecting to see anyways.

180 Hours, Part Three: Opening Up

They arrive at their destination ten minutes later. He's sitting in the back of the carriage feeling suddenly nervous and unsure. Reaching for the handle, he starts to open the door only to pull back a moment later.

"Want me to come with you?" Erwin asks with some concern. He sighs and looks at the man before grabbing the handle once again.

"Got this." He opens the door and jumps out. "Be nice!" Erwin calls, as the carriage leaves.

Levi rolls his eyes and heads up the walk. It's a well maintained house, nothing spectacular but typical of every other home here in the Orvud District.

Two stories, wood and stone. A small garden is off to the side, nestled between this house and the next and rose bushes decorate the front of the house.

Not much room to do a lot, since most of the district has been stripped of natural beauty over the years to make way for more houses, walkways and roads. It's kind of depressing, really and this is why Levi finds himself stopping for a moment to admire the colors.

Everything is so uniform and dull. The roses are a welcome distraction, and make him feel a tiny bit happier than he started out.

That's still not saying much though, and with a sigh he lets go of the bloom he had been holding and steps up to the front door.

He's surprised a moment later by the friendly gaze of the woman at the door. He doesn't know exactly what he was expecting to see anyways.

A rotund bearded man with spectacles and smoking a pipe, maybe? Instead he finds you.....

"Did we have an appointment?" "I'm Captain Levi, I was supposed to come by?"

You step back allowing him entrance, and he follows you hesitantly into the livingroom. Clean, organized. He breathes a sigh of relief. You thumb through the large book on the coffee table, and then give him a questioning look.

" I didn't have you schedule until tomorrow. 8pm. Did they not tell you?" He sighs. "They probably did." "Let me guess. You were too pissed off to really care what was being said. In one ear, out the other?"

He opens his mouth to reply, only to close it a moment later. You're not wrong, and instead of irritating him your astuteness kind of makes him smile on the inside.

You nod in confirmation. "I have yet to even make it through that big old file of yours, I-" You sigh and turn away from him. "One moment please." "Isaiah, no thank you!"

He watches as you dash over to the fireplace. There's a little boy that he did not notice. He walks over to better observe the exchange between the two of you.

"This, please." Your hands move quickly along with your words, then hand him a toy. The boys hands move in response.

"Isaiah, candles are not toys. This, please." He takes the toy from you, and your hands move again. "Thank you, Isaiah good choice."

"What are you doing?" Levi asks, genuinely curious. Giving Isaiah a fond look, you stand and turn to him. "Isaiah is deaf. The hand signals are how we communicate."

"But if he's deaf, why do you speak when you use your hand signals?"

"For mine and anyone else who may be in the room's benefit. He has behaviors that brought him to me as a patient, and we've been working together for about six months now."

"That's actually pretty interesting. I-" His words are interrupted when the little boy in question catches a glimpse of the man.

He has his arms wrapped around Levi's waist in an instant, and the look of utter horror on the man's face causes you to burst into laughter.

"Isaiah, no thank you!" You quickly sign to the boy again and he backs away, gazing up adoringly. He signs rapidly, smiling up at the Captain.

"What is he saying?" "Isaiah, try again." He signs slower this time and you repeat back his words to Levi.

"He said, I love the scouts and I wanna be just like you when I'm all grown up."

"uuh...thanks?" He looks to you confused, and you show him how to sign the word, which he promptly relays to the happy boy.

Isaiah's hands fly rapidly once again, and you relay his message, trying to stifle your laughter.

"He says, you're Captain Levi! You're my absolute favorite! I saw you on your horse once, but you were far away! How come you're so short? How do you get on your horse? Do you use a stool?"

You can't contain your laughter, and you give in to it wholeheartedly. Levi just scoffs uncomfortably, and rolls his eyes. "Thanks I guess...."

This time you relay the message yourself and signal to the boy to get ready to leave. His parents will be here any minute. Only a couple moments later, and his parents arrive. Levi, momentarily forgotten during the conversation picks up the toys on the floor out of habit.

"I can do that, thanks." You say, moving to take over. He doesn't acknowledge you, and continues placing the toys neatly on the shelf.

"Is this the only brat I'll have to tolerate when I'm here?" "Isaiah is not a brat. He's a very special boy, with very special needs."

He turns to look at you. "He'll never be a scout, you know that right?" You sigh. "Is telling him that going to make things any better for him?"

He doesn't have an answer, and looks away uncomfortably.

"Levi, behaviors are just as much learned things, as they are environmental reactions. What in Isaiah's manners caused you to call him a brat?"

"It's what I call the cadets, I don't really mean anything by it." He shrugs, feeling even more uncomfortable. "I'm not on your chopping block until tomorrow. Are you trying to analyze me already?"

You only laugh, and push him amicably towards the door. "Go home, Levi. See you tomorrow night." "Fine. Tomorrow night, Doctor L/N." "Just Y/N is fine." You say, and the door closes behind him.

'This is going to be so pointless.' he thinks, 'Just blathering on about my feelings? Seriously? Give me a break.' He's annoyed with the whole experience, and mostly with the sneaking suspicion that this woman has probably already seen through all his defenses.

He's surprised as well, by the fact that he feels he could actually enjoy your company. As stupid as that sounds to think it, the feeling is there and despite his misgivings a small part of him is looking forward to tomorrow.

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