180 Hours, Part Nine: Doctor's Notes III
180 Hours, Part Nine: Doctor's Notes III aot stories

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Arguing against the popular opinion of severe PTSD in Levi. Fight me! :)

180 Hours, Part Nine: Doctor's Notes III

Doctor's Notes: Third Diagnosis: Childhood Trauma Vs. PTSD/Sleep related disorders

There are a number of different ways in which Levi's symptoms manifest. Having initially assessed PTSD, I'm now sure that if he does manifest PTSD behavior, it is a mild case indeed.

***People suffering from a severe case of PTSD shut down and can't function in situations that mirror the original trauma. ***

The deaths of those he was once close to would be a prime emotional environment for PTSD. However, he continues to function admirably as a soldier, with no evidence of doing otherwise.

These losses do affect him heavily though and manifest in his dreams. Levi has no routine to establish a set time for rest. He often stays up until his body shuts down on him, and falls asleep at his desk. He seldom uses his bed.

That he has childhood trauma, I have no doubt. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut recipe to follow when diagnosing an adult with immediate signs of trauma, but, some common symptoms of trauma victims have been established.

The most common for Levi have been observed as: Anger, lack of energy, night terrors and/or insomnia, sleep disturbances, isolation, numbness and callousness .

I will be treating for childhood trauma specifically, but only touching on PTSD as Levi still performs well in the scenarios that are similar to his adult age losses.

Furthermore, I will be working with Levi to begin a better self care regiment which will focus on how he sleeps. Hours Completed: 90/180 Dr. Y/N, L/N

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