180 Hours, Part Fourteen: Now
180 Hours, Part Fourteen: Now aot stories

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"This is why I don't wear my glasses that often when I'm with you, Levi. The less I see, the better."

180 Hours, Part Fourteen: Now

Now: You're lying on the sofa waiting for your last client. Isaiah has just left, and that means only Levi. You're glad. It's been a tiring day, with Isaiah having one behavioral episode after another.

It's obvious what's wrong. Levi is done with his therapy, and Isaiah is experiencing some abandonment. You tried to reassure him that his no longer being my client has nothing to do with their relationship, but he just didn't seem to understand.

He didn't even want to stay long enough to see the man. You sigh. A trying day, indeed. He walks in and looks at you with a grin. "Do I get to be the therapist tonight?" He grabs your glasses and your notepad, and sits in your normal chair.

Placing your glasses on his face theatrically he begins. "Fuck Y/N, your eyesight is shit!" "This is why I don't wear my glasses that often when I'm with you, Levi. The less I see, the better."

"Very funny, asshole. Now, tell me about your childhood." He says, affecting an air of importance. You just laugh.

"Give me my glasses, and the notebook back. Do you want me to sign off on this or not?" He hands them back to you with a grin......

"Levi. Levi! Are you with me, handsome? " "Hu?" "Honestly, try to stay focused. We were talking about your progress.....?"

"I was paying attention Y/N, I was just trying to decide how to start is all." "Well, do go on then." He takes a deep breath before he begins, deciding how to start.

"Thank you. For everything you've done and endured. Thank you. Thank you for introducing me to Isaiah, and new ways of thinking. Thank you for helping me take a look at my faults, and finding strengths where I only saw weakness

Every weird off the wall thing you put me through has honestly been a revelation. It's helped a lot."

You smile, and sign off on the paperwork he's to submit to the courts the next day. "You're a free bird, Levi. Although, please know that you can come back here for help at any time. Don't wait for a court order."

You both stand up, but neither make a move for the door just yet. He's grinning at you, and from the look trying to find the words to whatever is on his mind.

"So... no more doctor/patient bullshit?" "Nope. It's done."

He walks closer, grin widening. "So if I wanted to resolve my intimacy issues, I wouldn't be completely out of line?"

You're grinning now too, and as his arms encircle your waist you respond in kind; smiling up at him. "What are you trying to ask me, Levi?"

"I was hoping that maybe you'd be my blanket....." Your kiss is answer enough.

The End

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