180 Hours, Part Eleven: Doctor's Notes IV
180 Hours, Part Eleven: Doctor's Notes IV aot stories

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Analyzing intimacy issues

180 Hours, Part Eleven: Doctor's Notes IV

Doctor's Notes: Sexual Frustration and Intimacy Issues

It has come to my attention that Levi is a virgin. There's nothing wrong with this, it's commendable as a matter of fact. I touch on this now, only because of the symptoms of sexual frustration, which include but are not limited to:

**Being aggressive, hostile, or cold toward others, especially towards those for whom you feel sexual desire. Intense and unsatisfied desire or craving for sexual activity. Feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, or depression related to your sexuality. Disruption of sleep patterns.**

A lot of this sounds rather familiar considering whom I am currently providing services to. Though I wouldn't broach this topic with him, I do want to touch on intimacy issues in general.

It's clear the man has them. Almost 40 yrs old and has never had an intimate relationship? Ever? Plus, tie in the diagnosis as it stands now?

We're almost done here, and whether he wants to continue therapy after the court order is entirely up to him. He is doing splendidly, incident in his quarters not withstanding, and his sleep has improved.

He does still have issues maintaining social boundaries with his therapist however, and I feel this might be the most difficult subject for him because of this. Therapy completed: 120/180 Y/N,L/N

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