180 Hours, Part 8: The Patient gets Bold
180 Hours, Part 8: The Patient gets Bold aot stories

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"You know, here I thought we were ditching the therapy tonight and just enjoying this nice night. So let me guess. My crazy cleaning habits?"

180 Hours, Part 8: The Patient gets Bold

"You have chocolate on your nose." "Only cuz you put it there, Y/N. Brat." "Well, aren't you going to clean it up?"

"I should make you lick it off." He says, leaning closer. You laugh. "That would be grosser still, because then you also would have my germs all over you, right?"

"You know, here I thought we were ditching the therapy tonight and just enjoying this nice night. So let me guess. My crazy cleaning habits?"

"Nothing wrong with that. Pushing your habits on others to exert control over the environment however...."

He rolls his eyes at this. Does she expect him to live comfortably amongst pigs? "We should get Isaiah home. He's passed out cold." He says, brushing his hand fondly through the boys hair.

He is indeed. The little boy is sound asleep on the picnic blanket in her backyard. It was a nice night. They had a light meal and practiced hand to hand, with Y/N cheering little Isaiah on.

He's coming along well, and despite his deafness catches on to Levi's teachings quite well. It's interesting to note, how although Levi lets the boy take him down, he does not take getting dirty well at all.

He doesn't show it to Isaiah, but you see it. The slight downturn of the mouth, the sudden tenseness...but you see it. Levi taps his shoulder, then signs quickly to the boy as he opens his eyes. Picking the boy up, he starts heading for the walk.

"Coming?" "Shouldn't we clean all this up first?" You ask. "It can wait." But yet he seems okay with leaving a mess in the backyard?

"What about the chocolate on your nose?" He grins. "I'm waiting Y/N...." It's your turn to roll your eyes, and reaching out with a handkerchief give him a quick clean up.

"All better." "That wasn't at all what I was hoping would happen." He teases. "Quit dawdling and lets get Isaiah home."

On the way back, he tries to hold your hand, but gives up when you move away, a slight look of disappointment on his face.

15 minutes later: "You don't have to help me with that, I can take care of it. Go home, get some rest."

"Nonsense. I helped make the mess, and I don't mind doing dishes anyway." He says reaching for the rag hanging next to the sink.

"Fine, why am I not surprised?" It doesn't take long for the two of you to clean everything up and he turns to you curiously. "So what's next?"

"What do you mean what's next?" "We've still got a half hour left doc, so what's it going to be?" he grins suddenly "blanket therapy?", and dashes up the stairs to your room.

"Levi! Get out of my room! Come back here!" You chase him up the stairs to find him already sitting on your bed with a big grin on his face.

"You are such a pain Levi." He pats the spot next to him inviting you to sit, but you don't. Again, that disappointed look. "Admit it doc, you enjoy it and as a matter of fact..."

His words cut off as he's gazing at the floor. "What's the matter Levi?", you say with a grin. "There's dirty clothes on the floor!"

"There certainly is Levi, what's the problem?" "You have a basket for your clothes right over there!" He points accusingly into the corner.

"That is correct I do." You respond calmly. "Why didn't you take the mere several steps to throw them in your basket?" "I was tired and I didn't feel like it. I can pick it up anytime I want." "But you don't leave dirty clothes on your floor!"

"I don't leave dirty clothes on the floor Levi? Why not?" He grins then, catching on. "I was up here the other night and everything was perfectly immaculate and now your room is messy. Did you just clean for my benefit that one time?"

"Or did I leave a mess on my floor because I was counting on you being a shit and coming up here and seeing it? Also for your benefit, I might add."

He doesn't respond just sits and looks at you for the moment.

"Just because someone doesn't do things the same way you do does not mean that they are doing it incorrectly. Your Cadets can clean a floor just as well as you do whether they're wringing out their rags sideways or upright.

How does that even make a difference? As long as it gets clean, why should the steps of how it got there matter? Either way the results are the same."

You stoop down then grabbing up your clothes and walk over to put them in the basket. He breathes a sigh of relief. You come back then and sit beside him, giving him an encouraging look. From the anxiety on his face, it's clear he has something on his mind.

"Things were always so filthy down there, Y/N." "And things can get filthy up here too, but you are not that child anymore, and these defenses you put up to protect him really don't serve you anymore. You did an incredible job cleaning up your life, at least that's what I think."

"Yeah?" he asks looking at you hopefully. "Yes it may have taken a lot of time, but you did it and not many people have the mental fortitude to do that. Most of the defenses you put up psychologically are to defend a child... a child that doesn't even exist anymore. You already saved him. Let it go."

He sits quietly looking at your calm face for a moment, then swoops in to kiss you. It surprises you both, but ultimately it's him that pulls away.

"I shouldn't have done that Y/N, I'm sorry." Getting up quickly before you can respond, he heads down the stairs and then you hear the sound of the front door shutting behind him.

Note to self: Monitor Levi's behavior closely. Acting very out of character. What he did before he left.....

Growth in confidence and willingness to brave rejection are huge steps for this man, but if he's developing feelings for his Therapist, I feel this could make things worse for him.

It's also interesting to note that he does better at engaging in intimacy if he makes it out to be some big joke first. I think I know where our next line of therapy should go, but would like to get into his inability to sleep as well.

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