180 Hours, Part 6: Blanket Therapy
180 Hours, Part 6: Blanket Therapy aot stories

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**blanket therapy is a technique that's all mine, written for this story. I hope you enjoy!

180 Hours, Part 6: Blanket Therapy

Now: He's late. Really late, and she's going to be pissed. He got caught up in his paperwork, and the time slipped right by. He remembered to bring it with him

though, although why he would need his paperwork for a therapy session is beyond him. He's comfortable in her reasons, whatever they are. He's put in a lot of hours of therapy thus far, and despite his misgivings he has to admit it's been interesting.

Unorthodox, and extremely uncomfortable on occasions but effective. Like the blanket therapy... It was when they first started adressing his avoidant dismissive behavior patterns. He thought it was all utter hogwash at first, but the more she explained and the more he listened he couldn't help but see for himself.

He chuckles at the memory and continues on his way...

Then: "Do you trust me, Levi?" He looks up curiously. "For the most part, yes..."

"I'd like to do an experiment, that will hopefully help you gain an understanding of everything we've been talking about."

"What if I say no?" "If you want to be difficult, so can I." "Try me."

You sigh, and grabbing out your notebook you begin to write while speaking the words out loud for his benefit.

"After continuing observation, it is my professional opinion that one Levi Ackerman would benefit from an additional 100 hours of therapy-"

"Wait! Wait! What are you doing?" "Giving a valid recommendation based on your failure to garner anything from our sessions."

"I do too garner things!" "Like what?" "Like you're a huge pain in the ass, Y/N." "So are you, Levi. Peas in a pod." "Okay, so what are we doing then?"

"Let's go upstairs." He looks at you in shock. "But your bedroom is up there!"

"It certainly is, sharp stuff. Come on, time's a wastin." With that you head upstairs with a reluctant Levi following. Entering the room, he looks around in curiosity.

'Must be nice to have a bed this comfortable looking. Much better than those straw stuffed affairs we have at the barracks' It has one of those fancy curtain things on it too, for privacy.

"Go lie down." "What?" "Go lie down on the bed, Levi." Giving you a cautious look, he slips off his shoes and lies down.

"Dare I ask what's next?" "Just close your eyes and relax."

With a sigh of annoyance, he does as you ask. You sit at your desk working, and the silence and the comfort of the bed start to lull him to sleep. That is, until you crawl in next to him. Not just next to him either, oh of course not. Your head is on his chest.

"Y/N, what are you doing?" "What?" You ask innocently. "It is my bed after all, and I'm tired. Is there a problem?"

"You're pretty that's what!" 'oh fuck, did I really just say that?' You snort laughter. "Hardly, but would it be easier for you if I wasn't?" "No! And I didn't realize it would be 'that' kind of experiment!"

"It's not. But honestly Levi, what could little ole me really do against humanities strongest?" You ask teasingly. "Now stop being a boob and relax." With that, you close your eyes.

"Boob, Y/N? Boob?" "Yep."

It's not near as easy for him to relax as it is you, though. He honestly feels like he might be having a stroke right this moment. How shameful for the cause of death line on his death certificate to read "pretty woman".

'why do I put up with this?' He thinks with a smirk. Eventually he does relax, and his eyes slowly begin to close once again. Now you're getting up and going to the other side of the room.

"Why did you leave?" "I don't understand, you didn't want me there in the first place, right?" "Fine. But I'm cold now, where the hell is your blanket?"

"But you didn't need the blanket when I was there..." "No, you kept me warm." Getting up, you go over to the chest at the foot of the bed. Grabbing the blanket, you toss it to him.

"Being controlling, having control is a symptom of avoidant dismissiveness. You opted for the blanket, when you could have asked me to come back to you."

"Well, are you going to tell me why, wise one?" He says, propping himself on his elbow and looking at you with interest.

"You can control the blanket. Too hot? Take it off. To cold? Cover up. You can, to an extent control the situation with another person too. You can push away, or pull the person to you. The difference is, you have no control over whether that person decides to stay or go.

Opting for the inanimate comfort is much easier than risking the chance of rejection, isn't it?" 'huh....' "What if I want both?"

"Again, you still only have limited control over how that plays out, and limited is not good enough for the avoidant dismissive. Session over, see you next week."

"You don't want to cuddle with me anymore?" He says it jokingly, but also alarmed at the realization that he's also kinda serious.

"You're handsome Levi, but I'm going to have to respectfully decline. Doctor/patient relationship and all that."

"Y/N?" He stops at the door, giving you an earnest look. "What if all I really want deep down is to throw out the blanket?"

"Trust is a scary thing, Levi. It can make or break you. Admitting that is a huge step, and it's better to feel something, than nothing. Throw it out."

'It's not that easy' he thinks, walking home. 'but I want to. I always have'.

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