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whatkindafckery surrounded and overwhelmed
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i'm sorry
you must think i'm out of my mind
but it doesn't really matter
because you don't know who i am
and i don't know who you are either

dear diary

just so you know, it’s not an accident that you’re reading this

before you read the contents of my diary, i’d like you to know a few things, which i will list:

1. i am a girl, almost 18 years of age

2. i am bisexual 3. i have a girlfriend, whose name i will not disclose- we’ll call her anna 4. i see a future with anna

5. i have had 1 boyfriend- the one that lasted 2 days in the 6th grade does not count

6. i am a very busy person 7. i participate in the marching band at my high school 8. as well as many other extracurriculars

9. everything in this diary is true 10. you will not know my real name

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