Why I Can't Go Out With You

wethedreamersAnd we're a million miles away.
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Because I think I think too much.

Why I Can't Go Out With You

by wethedreamers

It's been said a million times: "It's not you... It's me."

But I hope you'll consider this a reason to believe.

I think I'm far too damaged; I know that I am, I'm certain.

Don't want to be another regret to someone. Don't want to be a burden.

A burden when I never drive and you'll have to pick me up.

I never learned because I got too scared when I saw a collision with a truck.

I'd have you speak to all the strangers, you'd lie for me.

I've always had crippling, overwhelming, social anxiety.

Introverted? Yeah, absolutely. Shy? That's quite fair.

Nobody's really noticed me... So tell me, is this a dare?

Did someone put you up to this? Is this a contrived joke?

I'm not good at trusting people. Call me a misanthrope.

Even if I did, do you think this would last?

Because honestly, I only think you're trying to get me into bed.

So you'll move on to someone else, somebody purely prettier

...Someone not so insecure, So childish, Much skinnier.

I'll wonder if you know that I've never even been kissed.

Or how I'm pretty sure I'll never be with all the scars on my skin.

If you're intentions are pure and you're this nice... No.

I don't want my mess, Deep depression, My flesh, To mar your beautiful soul.

You deserve better than the girl who hides how poor she is.

Who breaks down nightly on her kitchen floor silently crying.

Who needs to fix herself before she goes on her first date.

Who needs to mourn the loss of her father and everyone she lost too young. ...Okay?

I don't need a savior, I think I just need time.

It's taking a while. Too long. I'm too far gone. I don't know why.

Would it insult you terribly to request to be your friend?

I swear that I would love to.

But honestly. I don't think I can.

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wethedreamersCommabassadorAnd we're a million miles away.
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wethedreamersCommabassadorAnd we're a million miles away.
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wethedreamersCommabassadorAnd we're a million miles away.
a year agoReply
@shadowpuzzle @nitasmith @adelinefecker @fizzanaseem @beautiflare I sincerely can't begin to word out how much your sweetness means to me and how you've lifted my spirit. I just wish love to you all. Thank you so much.

beautiflareamateur writer
a year agoReply
This really touched me... i know how this feels, but you can overcome it. everyone can. I know i did

a year agoReply

adelinefeckerBronze CommaDeep thoughts over coffee...
a year agoReply
It totally sounds like rap! Super good flow!

a year agoReply
@wethedreamers ... You are a very good writer..and great way with words.., Keep up the good work.. We all write from personal experiences

a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil ... You have such a great way with words.. And a wonderful way of encouragement and making one feel so good... Great comments.. Bernard

a year agoReply
You have to rise above all your sorrows.. and try to love you as is.. Just remember.. There will never be another you.. No one is prettier or as much fun as you are. So throw away all that self pity and look in that mirror and see yourself through our eyes... Wonderful, beautiful.. Amazing you..!!!!

shadowpuzzleBronze CommaINTROVERT AND WEIRD AND YIE I'M 16
a year agoReply
So much lovee.

wethedreamersCommabassadorAnd we're a million miles away.
a year agoReply
@amyleepassmore @bernardtwindwil @michaelschulze This was especially personal for me, so believe me when I tell you that all of your kindness touched me a lot deeper than you could ever believe. Thank you.

amyleepassmoreaspiring writer
a year agoReply
I really like this. I write about similar things and this really spoke to me :) thanks for sharing