The Last Page
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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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The Last Page

This is the last page. One for the ages! Filled with grief and grace. But I think I'm okay... I think I'm safe.

Got to the last page. Didn't think I'd make it. Glad it came; But oh my gosh... I hated it .

At the start, there was promise; Almost got what I wanted, But... along came fate.

In the middle, it was fitting I felt finished from all that was taken... none of which I gave.

But I arrived at the last page. I miss your face. I miss the hunger of my crave. I miss that place.

And all the same.. The last page is what I hoped and prayed for. It was worth the wait.

The last page of the decade. A bittersweet rained on parade.

Scared and brave; Please close the book. Just grief and grace grief and grace grief and grace .

But I think I'm okay. I think I'm safe. (Happy New Year.) (And many more.)

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