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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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An (old) poem I wrote for my mother, from when love was not enough.


by wethedreamers

In my veins, you are at my core

Apropos, I feel your hurt

And my heart, so juvenile

Bends to your coerce.

When your tears come streaming down

Blazing fire flames and burns

But the ember that glows still remains

And reminds of the desperate yearn.

The yearn to flee; to run to light

Where the darkness of ghosts are scarce.

But what's inside is inevitable

Is a darkness that you aren't aware.

Your demons are unmatched

For your monster is you

And I cannot get inside...

I cannot break through.

And you run, bruised and broken

From me, who shares your soul.

Go break away from what you think

Is hostage from your whole.

Until the heaving breath escapes

Run away until your feet bleed.

But you are in my veins, you are at my core.

You are bound to me

Your shelter, eternally.

So, take your scars and so be healed

And let your pain subside

Resume your journey, but be reversed.

Come home, and come inside.

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