She Didn't
She Didn't sex stories

wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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We were doomed. Part II.

She Didn't

by wethedreamers

She doesn't listen, she never did. She is hers, she is his.

His southern drawl, soft and strong, tells her to stop.

"Don't do this. Enough. This is not the way to love."

But he speaks in words that defy his actions.

Eyes shooting daggers through a bow of satin.

"Don't love like this. I am not your feast."

All the while offering his body with the heart on the sleeve

He exhausts at reason and decides to save the rage for later

He sighs. He loves her as much as he hates her.

An embrace, he holds her face, her gown drops to the floor.

"We can't love like this, sweetheart."

She didn't.

She loved him more.

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