Passive Agressive
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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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You're brutal.

Passive Agressive

by wethedreamers

You're passive aggressive. I'm knee deep in guilt.

I'm aggressively passive and it's a harmful way to live.

I take like snow to rain, disintegrating from the warmth.

With you, I'm like a blizzard, and you're a calm but forceful storm.

And you're passive aggressive; a paper cut upon a burn.

The obvious doesn't bother me, but that small thin slice, it hurts.

Yeah, you're passive aggressive but maybe I'm too sensitive.

A bleeding heart is supposed to be a good thing, isn't it?

You're passive aggressive, I'm depressive and withdrawn.

I could give you all I had and have and still have no clue what you want.

You're passive aggressive; your composure is never lost.

No one ever is the wiser of how you get your point across.

Silent treatment, staring contest, avoidance, and ignoring.

The optimistic dreamer in me says you'll love me in the morning.

Because you're passive aggressive and you do it oh, so well.

But I'm aggressively passive. And you're just putting me through hell.

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