My Depression (And Other Horrors)
My Depression (And Other Horrors) mental illness stories

wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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Nice to meet you.

My Depression (And Other Horrors)

by wethedreamers

My depression is an older friend; closer yet are we.

Brings around his acquaintances: Sorrow, Regret, and Grief.

We met by accident. I doubt it was meant to be so.

To, from, here, there... It follows where I go.

He does have faults. He's an awful thief.

Made off with my motivation, and my ability to speak.

He also thinks it's fun to bring out the worst in me.

Brings out those toxic buddies: Rage and Irritability.

He alienates me, so I know him quite well.

He's so loud at times. He often bellows, "HELP!"

I'm quite used to him and don't know who I'd be without him.

But my poetry thrives. I guess I'm lucky that I found him.

I think it's made me humble. Empathetic, at least.

I'm grateful for our bond.. but I'll be glad when he leaves.

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