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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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Depression is like lavender.


by wethedreamers

Depression is like lavender

The color of suppressing a cough

To others who don't have it

It's dreamy and pretty and soft

Depression is like lavender

A bruise not recalled getting, but is very visibly seen

To prove there's a wound of vessel burst balloons

Buried down deep underneath

Depression is like lavender

A forgotten flower; a common scent

Fields in France and the recollection of calm

The vision of now and then

Depression is like lavender

Mournful, warm and hurtful

Frustrating to describe the obvious

Why can't you be normal. Why can't you be purple.

Depression is like lavender

Pompous and royal: a signature of the few

Peering down noses, watching the others

Judging the other hues

The joyous canaries

The envious emeralds

The raging, raving, ravenous maroons

The dying ebonies

The holy ivories

Whatever you'd call the moon

The soft, serene ceruleans

And tangerines so out of place, so awkward and confused

That when depression is like lavender

You often stop and think:

Who else would I be?

And who are you?

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