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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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Who are you, I love you.

I Want To Know You

by wethedreamers

Gosh, you're walking loveliness and I just want to know you.

My mind always wanders as to what you're going through.

What's going on in your head; why it is you seem to brood.

What is all the complications you lock inside your dark bedroom?

Why you spend your nights alone with your jazz music low.

Why you consider a cold, empty house a suitable, comfortable home.

Why it is you never sleep and how you can describe the dawn.

I see you rejoice around others and I see you wilt when they're gone.

I want to know why your baby brown eyes look sad sometimes.

I want to know if you miss your mother just as badly as when she passed that night.

Why you care for your cat so dearly, like he's all you have.

And why is it the only salvation you see is in the bottom of an empty Jack Daniels glass.

I want to know why you lie about what really is your truth.

And why if you don't believe in God, do you think He would believe in you?

What do you pray to? If you don't, where is your faith?

And tell me why I believe that if I tell everyone else to leave, you be the only one who would stay?

You always claim you don't know but you never are confused.

And on that night I was wishing on a star, I heard you howling at the moon.

Gosh, I want to know you.

But in a way, I feel that I already knew.

Whatever you would tell me...

I'm sure I'd fall in love with that, too.

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