I Can Feel Your Pain
I Can Feel Your Pain pain stories

wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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And I don't know how to heal you.

I Can Feel Your Pain

by wethedreamers

I saw you withered, as fragile as feathers

And as stubborn as thick, frozen clay.

Shadows that hid you in their secret corners

Never told of the moves that you made.

But I can feel your pain that you keep to yourself.

And I wish I could make a heaven out of your own little hell.

You cried all night, but blamed the weather.

Took refuge in an old, wrinkled sweater.

Pulled over the covers after you turned off the light

To hide your demons while owning your pride.

But I could sense it; I can feel your pain.

How it burned in your bones as you dreamt of the train.

The train that you missed but still tried to catch.

And it puddles under you as you're soaked in regret.

All of the energy that you were too tired to use...

With it, I can feel your pain. I do, I do.

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