How To Start a Fire
How To Start a Fire poetry stories

wethedreamersAnd we're a million miles away.
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How To Start a Fire

by wethedreamers

Step one is to wait.

Stumble around until something halts, in amazement, your hurried gait.

Step two is to stare, memorized like.

Until you physically feel the expansion of your iris dilating in your eyes.

Step three is to imagine. Maladaptive dreams.

Hold hostage to an image that will never be freed.

Step four is to think and think and think and think.

Your thoughts become a passion that will drive you toward the brink.

Step five is difficult, but learn to love the feel of heat.

The fury that has nested inside you will require coldness to forever cease.

Step six: take a mallet, crack open your heart.

That organ holds the fuel to get the fire to start.

Step six (continued) because of the hesitation.

You've been closed and cold and scared. Go stare at the glass above the basin.

Step seven is to get ready since we're almost through.

Brace yourself for the way that you're about to be consumed.

Step eight is to say it. Say it. Say it out loud.

Your breath will be scorching when the words leave your mouth.

Step nine is to forgive me for taking you through this.

All of this anxiety for not a single fire lit.

Why did I do that? You wanted burns and blisters?

I saved you. I gave you another way to wither.

I helped you face what's in you when you didn't even know it

Why would I let you start two fires?

You're already pyrophobic.

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@penny @michaelschulze @bernardtwindwil I'm rouge in the cheeks from my blushing. Thank you!

pennySilver CommaI live for life
a year agoReply
wow this is quite amazing!!!

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You're poetry invoked and passion within my that light it's own fire

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
I loved it. Lyrical almost to the point of being a modern country song. The message is so appropriate for every one. You you saw the problem and went for a creative solution. Great lyrics.