Daughter In The Wild
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Daughter In The Wild

Did you mean to do it!? Leave your daughter in the wild?

Thought that she'd be fine if you'd come back after a while?

Is that what you feel? Pride? Proud that you raised a survivor?

Fangs and claws and scars and all! Just a daughter in the wild.

Is this what you expected!? From a daughter in the wild?

An arsonist transfixed on the concept of a fire?

Who fell into a flame and now is angry being idle?

Why are you confused about a daughter in the wild!?

Did you know you did it!? Left a daughter in the wild?

Weeks, months, and years she wasn't herself... You didn't notice she was quiet?

Don't you know that feral animals domesticate like liars?

Why don't you like your daughter in the wild?!

Did you ever feel guilty leaving your daughter in the wild?

Sticks and stones and broken bones and a selfish, hellish denial.

Wounded, bloody, purple bruises - all from error and no trial.

You risked a lot when you forgot your daughter in the wild!

So now what will become of your daughter in the wild?

When she evolves into a figure that biblical tales could rival?

Leave her be, or set her free, just let her know; she's tired.

Please. Care about your daughter in the wild.

Care about your child.

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