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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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Existing is expensive.


by wethedreamers

We're broke; we're fucked, we're just getting by.

Trying to make two dollars out of a nickel and dime.

But doing such things is just pissing up a rope.

We're broke.

We're broke, and the grocery list is getting shorter.

Capitalism is a prison, and here we feast on bread and water.

But shovel it down; try not to choke.

We're broke.

We're broke, and applications are ignored and discarded.

Seasonal jobs end before they started.

Blue collar Americana, poor but friendly folk.

We're broke.

We're broke, and broke is breaking down every single will.

Hope and prayers and dreams and wishes just don't pay the bills.

Car repossessed on the side of the road.

My god, we're broke.

We're broke, and the "FINAL NOTICES" have come in the mail.

Get out before they put you out, get to the cheap motel.

Something for your headache with pocket change bought Coke.

We're broke.

We're broke, and insurances have very well expired.

Let's pray we don't get sick, pray that we don't die.

But come to think of it, life would be better if we croaked.

Because we're broke.

And we're broke. Trying hard, but it's never quite enough.

Hit rock bottom hard and sunk deeper in a rut.

Try as I might, but I just have next to little hope.

We're just broke.

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