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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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When my Father died it was rather surreal, because it happened so fast and without warning. You kind of just get thrown into new world without so much as a second to say goodbye to the old...

I have a spoken word version of this poem on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/JmKX79q_...
You can also find my videos by searching #thoughtsofsteel on YouTube :-)

Best wishes and never stop writing <3
Westley xx

Wading Through Mud

by Westley Nash

In the movies, whenever something special or important comes to a close

it's often shown as the old meeting a noble and esteemed ending,

which then leads on neatly to the start of the new.

But sadly in real everyday life, no matter how important something may be

and regardless of the wealth of time and effort we poured into it,

that thing is rarely ever rewarded with the illustrious finale that it truly deserves...

It simply just stops!

That one day you are doing what you have always done

and the next day you aren't.

Of course you have no choice but to accept this,

to let it go and keep moving forward and so you do,

but there is nothing neat about it.

It's ugly!


Fraught with uncertainty!

A bit like wading through thick mud.

Yes, you will definitely get to the other side if you keep moving,

but not before facing utter exhaustion

and having lost a shoe or two.

#thoughtsofsteel [artwork by Westley Nash]

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