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When all falls to darkness we all have that little spark of Hope to guide us till dawn...

I have a version of this poem as a spoken word on my YouTube Channel:

Alternatively you can search #thoughtsofsteel on YouTube to find my videos :-)

Best wishes and never stop writing <3
Westley xx

The Light

by Westley Nash

I am lost to a dark and forsaken land, where a grim and uncertain fate stalks me mercilessly in the endless night,

and I am all but destined to perish within its savage jaws.

When suddenly, as if from the heavens, I see you glowing brightly as a comforting light in the upper window of a secluded house in the distance.

Where you call to me!

Urging my continuation through relentless danger and bravely on towards a resting sanctuary...

I am caught within a roaring ocean,

where fierce storms build monstrous waves that threaten to crush me beneath their cruel and raging fury!

Exhausted... Defeated... My head barely above the water,

I sense nothing but my own inescapable demise.

But as I snatch my last gasp of air a blinding vision of you emerges from out of the gloom;

a lighthouse cutting deep through the torrential rain,

that helps guide me home to a safe and solid ground...

I am concealed beneath the shade of a dense forest,

where high above me creeping branches spread like miserly hands to suppress the sunlight's touch,

and I resign myself to remain forever in their shadow.

But as I hope and pray within the lasting silence your vibrant form soon honours me,

to swiftly dispel the penumbra with shards of light piercing through the cracks in the tattered shroud,

warming my heart with their gentle touch...

For you will always be the brightest light in my life!

Illuminating my darkest evenings with a love beyond limit,

a care without question and colouring each faded dawn with an inspiring inner beauty that's beyond rival or equal.

I know in my heart that should my days grow sombre,

should I become lost once more upon my troubled journey

that your shining grace will always reach out,

leading me safely back home into your embrace...

Artworks by Westley Nash #thoughtsofsteel

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