The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 3 of 4]
The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 3 of 4] fantasy stories

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"Legend of the Dragons" is a fantasy short story I wrote while in my 20's. It is a tale of struggle, discovery and most importantly of soul mates <3

I have a free PDF ebook of this story on my Wordpress Blog: https://westleynash.home....

Also a spoken word version of an early edit on my YouTube Channel:

Links only seem to work on Commaful's Desktop version. You can also find my work on YouTube and Wordpress by searching for "#thoughtsofsteel"

Best wishes everyone and keep writing :-)
Westley xx

The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 3 of 4]

After countless days of marching the two armies finally met at the Great Plains,

set beneath the shadow of the Grey Mountains.

Without delay the word was given and a fierce battle began,

quickly bathing the earth in the deep red blood of fallen warriors.

As the casualties rapidly mounted on both sides and neither army gaining ground,

the Blue Dragon of the West was called upon to engage the battle!

Charging headlong into the fight, his fire scorched the land and jagged teeth tore his enemies to shreds as he thundered across the battlefield!

No sword could cut him!

No arrow could pierce him!

The Blue Dragon was like an unstoppable wave washing across the arena without care or mercy!

Witnessing such terrible carnage unfold, the army from the east hurriedly summoned the Green Dragon to save them.

So without any fear or hesitation she burst forth into the fray!

The Green Dragon's fire rendered the earth to cinders, while her sharp teeth ripped through her enemies with ease;

equally matching the Blue Dragons destructive power!

Neither human nor machine could bring harm to her as she took across the battlefield like a raging storm!

Eventually the two dragons had advanced so far across the field that the inevitable occurred.

As the smoke cleared and the dust settled

the Blue Dragon's eyes caught sight of the Green Dragon's emerald glow as she came approaching and he shuddered to a stop.

As the soldiers fell before her and the flames subsided,

the Green Dragon's eyes snatched a glimpse of the Blue Dragon's deep blue chroma and she too staggered to a halt.

As the vicious war continued to explode all around them

the two dragons stood deathly still, staring entranced into each other's eyes.

Gold and Silver in perfect partnership, with neither creature making a single sound or movement.

For these Dragon's knew nothing of the other's existence up till now,

and so had forever been plagued with a profound sorrow at the disheartening reality of being the only one of their kind in this world.

To live a life alone, forever misunderstood and incomplete.

To find each other now after so many lonely years was not something one could easily receive, as if meeting a stranger along the way.

At first no one knew quite what to expect from this momentous encounter,

but little did they know that while clearly bewitched by their unexpected reunion,

the Dragon's had already tasted the blood of their enemies, which rested on their tongues like the sweetest nectar.

And so raw within their primal hearts, the battle was far from over!

Part 4 to follow soon.. [artworks by Westley Nash]

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