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A calm exterior can house a chaotic interior!

You can find my spoken word poems on YouTube by searching: #thoughtsofsteel

Best wishes and keep writing :-)
Westley xx


by Westley Nash

A sadistic demon stalks me in my sleepless nights.

Invading me with infantile dreams and jaded, hollow insights.

I can hear it in the distance roaring like the stormy seas.

Then hits like a tidal wave, ripping the breath right out of me!

The gauges climb to red and my world begins to fester,

so I cleave into my flesh to relieve the growing pressure!

Embracing a driven solitude I walk proudly among those ghosts,

who tell stories of a tired heart that once gladly played as host.

To excitement and desire, shining bright for all to see!

Drawing pictures of a future, predicting fruit upon the trees.

Sealed within a fantasy, the visions take life once more.

But always ashes unto dust, sunlight tearing through their core...

Unarmed and undefended, a victim of self-oppression.

Drifting stolidly through distractions and the many faceless processions.

Sentences trigger with ease but with no spoken application,

so the mind is held as prisoner by a verbal amputation.

With untamed raw emotion buried deep in a shallow grave,

this animated statue is barely weathering the day...


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