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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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It would be nice to find a place where my mind is at peace and my heart is at rest...

I have spoken word versions of many of my poems on my YouTube channel:

Sleep / Awake

by Westley Nash

What is it to sleep?..

Not just to close ones eyes in darkness but to be completely at rest?

For my heart to know a peace the waking world forever denies me?

To let my mind take sanctuary in a virtual hibernation,

shielded from the growing stress that invades deep into my subconscious thoughts,

turning my dreams into hideous nightmares!

But then.....

What is it to wake?..

Not simply to rise but to shine with a restless energy ready for a new day?

To feel refreshed and invigorated in such ways that enrich my soul?

To apply myself with purpose towards my hopes and ambitions?

Where visions of endless possibility create a drive within,

marching me on toward a much brighter future...

[artwork by Westley Nash]

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