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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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Writing amidst the smoke of burning passion...

I have an earlier draft of this poem as a spoken word poem on my YouTube Channel:

Alternatively, search "#thoughtsofsteel" on YouTube to find my videos.

Best wishes and keep writing.
Westley xx

Playing With Fire

by Westley Nash

Writing poetry is a truly miraculous adventure,

for it only hopes to succeed if we are writing in ways we truly feel.

Words will only cascade their serenity when our innermost feelings are freely flowing outward.

But of course, tapping into veins of the deepest, rawest emotion can be a very frightening experience for many a seeker;

like watching flames burn fiercely out of control!

But me, much like all writers can't help but play with fire...

For it is within the roaring heart of the blaze that we feel most alive.

Where we shape all of our thoughts and emotions,

forging our hopes and our dreams into one perfectly worded sculpture.

All burnt onto the page, where every reader shall find the sentiments

still warm to the touch!


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