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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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Some friends are not our friend. Because while some wish to help lift us up as we help to lift them, others are looking for someone to step on to reach higher places for themselves.

You can find my spoken word poems by searching #thoughtsofsteel on YouTube.

Best wishes and never stop writing <3
Westley xx


by Westley Nash

Invite me under guise of friendship, belay my fears of surreptitious scheme.

A hand of peace presented as an offering to entice my presence toward the scene.

For the journey we stand as equals and your promised deal remains intact.

But as soon as we descend into the congregation, so true to character you break the pact!

So come, belittle my accomplishments to reinforce the substance of your own!

Raise the stakes on every hand, make it impossible for me to atone.

And if you fail to best my efforts, then just reduce them to insignificance.

Turn the tables upon my pride so I look foolish beneath your eminence.

Cast me far to the winds of failure, destroy my dignity within your fire...

For once more you need to win the crowd and so I must serve as your own personal pariah!


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