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Sometimes to love someone, means to let them go...

I have a spoken word version of this poem on my YouTube Channel:

Alternatively just search "#thoughtsofsteel" on YouTube to find my videos :-)

Best wishes and keep writing <3
Westley xx


by Westley Nash

It's been so long since our brief eternity passed from wonderland.

A growing age away I find myself asking if it were merely a dream

sat paling in a wishful mind...

A fond fairytale where

(for a short while at least)

I could be the one you needed.

But as I look upon you now, surrounded by rightful grandeur,

so happy and hopeful without my clouds dulling your shine.

To see you climbing high amidst a warm evening sky

without my burden weighing you down,

I realise that our ending was always going to be your great beginning...

I just wasn't meant for that life, and you well know it...

I was never going to be the noble king to your golden crown,

or the dashing hero to your timeless legend.

For here Inside my walls hides a restless nomad!

A pilgrim who wanders the horizon like a long lost soul,

forever in pursuit of the setting sun.

My heart may have held you tightly,

but my eyes would always stray back towards the twilight shade,

leaving you alone by my side.

So don't you dare waste any more time on our past.

Give no thought to a long since abandoned future.

Just live your here!

Love your now!

For you are right where you need to be.

And as I set off once more into that dying sun,

I know that so too am I...

[artwork by Westley Nash]

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