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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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Avoiding our emotional pain doesn’t still the water, it builds a storm on the horizon.

I have a spoken word version of this poem on my YouTube Channel:

Alternatively search #thoughtsofsteel on YouTube to find my videos.

Best wishes and keep writing :-)
Westley xx


by Westley Nash

Empty hollows echo the silence of hearts left broken...

The urge to repair bleeds out

from wounds cleaved deeply by the swords of an apathetic resistance

massing on the field of battle,

where all impetus of emotion is swiftly suppressed.

Of course such wars, they unleash daily!

But by the gods great mercy always safely tucked away from the prying eyes

of those who seek to render their aid.

For the stinging balms and coarse bandages they apply

serve only to further the conflict!

By giving life back to the charge,

but also warranty to the grievance.

Rousing the resting maelstrom from its dormancy.

Ready to grind up anything and anyone that's careless enough

to be caught within its spiteful fury!


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