"I Don't Hate You... I Never Ever Did!" by Westley Nash
"I Don't Hate You... I Never Ever Did!"

                                 by Westley Nash poetry stories

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In a relationships, when the ego's desire goes unfulfilled the hatred it feels can often blind the heart to it's true feelings and cause us to forget the goodness that once existed between us. But let's not forget that we loved them very much once upon a time, and though we are no longer together it's likely we still do?.. Better to move on with love in our hearts than with hate!

Best Wishes
Westley xx

A spoken word version of this poem can be found on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/SE2GLDu8...

"I Don't Hate You... I Never Ever Did!" by Westley Nash

I don't hate you...

I never ever did.

The love I have for you still lives within me,

ageing but never fading,

as a buried artefact of a once illustrious moment now passed.

If I have any hatred at all it was through watching every good thing we were,

all the magic we'd nurtured and which brought so much peace to our broken hearts end in that lifeless fall.

I hate that there was no way left for us to go except along those crooked paths

that led us so far from our dreams and even further toward our separation.

I hated being left with only one of two choices to make

and that no matter which side the coin landed we always lost!

I hate the cold and stark reality we were both trapped in

which shattered every fragile hope we shared the very second they left our lips.

I hated that greater good my heart was so honour bound to protect at all costs,

paying it off one piece of my soul at a time.

I hate that the world never released us from it's rules and it's duties,

how it forced us to move forever in shadow like fugitives on the run!

I hate that I wasn't strong enough to chase away your fears,

the ones that haunted both our visions of the future

and that would eventually kill the light long before the spark had any real chance to take hold.

So no, I don't hate you...

I never ever did.

Because out of everything we both went through back then,

you were and still are the only thing I ever loved...


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