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When someone you love truly is in peril, defending them is never a choice, but an instinct!

I have a spoken word version of this poem on my YouTube Channel:

Alternatively search #thoughtsofsteel onYouTube to find my videos :-)

Best wishes and never stop writing <3
Westley xx


by Westley Nash

My spirit rages at the thought that anyone in this world could wish harm upon your gentle soul,

that sparkles with a pure and giving kindness seen only in the most charitable of Angels.

For surely the universe in its great wisdom and limitless mercy would never allow such a terrible injustice to sustain itself?..

Yet here I find tears burning in your eyes;

the match struck firm upon the hateful torment of those monsters

who seek to cast your precious light down into the darkest pits of Hell!

All so as to hide their own disgrace and indulge their sadistic iniquity.

No more can I rest in silence watching as you tremble in solitude

or to remain distant, standing as idle spectator to your assassination!

No more can I watch you struggle with exhausted effort to remain upright on your feet,

having been crushed so brutally beneath the fierce weight of their spiteful onslaught!

So I step without fear or trepidation into that diminishing space between your retreat and the unrelenting menace which pursues you,

where I shall bear in its entirety the full impact of their hatred heavy upon my back,

shielding you from further hurt or harm.

And it is here in this space that I shall remain, for the rest of my days if it is necessary,

never letting down my shield or straying from your side,

no matter the enemy I must face or the fate I may suffer.

For it is easier knowing that I, with my scarred and tainted soul,

be the one to endure the destruction,

rather than to have to witness even one second of the heartbreaking end of days

that would come through watching your graceful innocence vanish forever into that frozen night...

Your Guardian was born this day!


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