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Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a form of anxiety that can limit our ability to find stability in life. There are resources online to take advantage of and people to consult if we want to be free of it, so don't give up on your happiness :-)

A have a spoken word version of this poem on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/C3xcjUAN...

You can also find my videos by searching #thoughtsofsteel on YouTube :-)

Best wishes and never stop writing <3
Westley xx

Fear of Missing Out

by Westley Nash

The fear of missing out is like going mad!..

Your heart thrashing in your chest and your mind screaming in your head when all is silent.

Like being torn and twisted, trying to be in multiple scenarios simultaneously,

none of which exist!

Stress seemingly for the sake of anxiety,

anxiety for nothing more than the sake of fear,

fear that your missing out on the greatest moment that's ever manifested,

but which is never where you are...

A ghost... A phantom...

A mythical creature that fills your vision, but empties your eyes.

A story... A fable...

A legendary place that feeds your dreams but starves your life.

Never once feeling stable, and never once feeling satisfied

as the imaginary lifestyles of charlatans broadcast their fakery non stop

on every platform our phones can access.

So until we believe that where we are is the only place we ever need to be,

then that madness shall drive us further and further into eternal despair!


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