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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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Apathy is one of the worst experiences in life! For while caring can be hard, not caring about anything or anyone is often the hardest of all...

I have spoken word versions of many of my poems which you can find by searching #thoughtsofsteel on YouTube :-)

Best wishes and keep writing <3
Westley xx

Dead Space

by Westley Nash

There is a dead space inside my soul,

where all feelings are frozen by a darkness cold.

A starless void where my light descends,

where emotions die and their memories end.

Nothing exists here and nothing survives,

my compassion bleeds out to a silent demise.

Drifting and falling into places afar,

all empathy collapsing like a dying star.

Eyes shining bright with a darkening glow,

there is no one left here, no substance to show.

All the rage and the sorrow have taken their toll,

gave birth a dead space inside of my soul.


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