A Broken Heart Still Beats
A Broken Heart Still Beats love stories

westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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Love always persists....

I have a spoke word version of this poem on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/UHV45vOk...

Best wishes and keep writing <3
Westley xx

A Broken Heart Still Beats

by Westley Nash

A broken heart still beats a rhythm

but always out of time,

for the many cracks that invade its structure

have forever altered its sound.

A heavily corroded and scarred vessel

rendered weak and fragile by the fall from careless hands

before being left to die on the frozen ground.

So close to failure, so near to its end,

the luckless casualty of the unkind; the unscrupulous.

The innocent victim of monsters and tyrants!

Though fighting on valiantly and persistently,

desperately trying to maintain its tempo

less it fade forever into the unending silence.

For even having suffered such mortal damage

and lasting impairment by the numbing pain that lingers firmly within its core.

This brave entity defies the fear and the doubt,

reaching out into the world for a kindred vessel

with the same purest love and affection once more.


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