Never Fall In Love. Never!
Never Fall In Love. Never! fall-in-love stories

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Protect your self and Never Fall in love.

Never Fall In Love. Never!

'Cos I thought she was going to be the one.

The mother of my child, the joy to be born.

Baby, The love of my life under the earth and the sun.

I was living the life of a gentle man.

Peace, happiness, my heart was for everyone

Until I brought love into my life... I thought it was the best one

My life turned upside down, I suffered a heart burn.

I fell in love.. with the wrong person.

Do you know how it feels? Being in a relationship where your heart's completely broken.

She says stuffs and reply that she was just joking.

My heart is troubled and my mouth have spoken.

Wanted more of her, even if it was a token.

I know what love is and this is far from closing.

I don't care if it was the wrong person.

But never fall in love.

Never fall in love.

It is an advice and This should be the best lesson

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