Life In Cramming
Life In Cramming feeling stories
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werwereop “Tragedy is the best way for sympathy”
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This is from a personal story, of my life in cramming for test and school. I have never wanted to, but was forced. This story is just a expression of my opinion.

Life In Cramming

First day I was curious and nervous. I sat down near my seat near a chalkboard.

The wall was plain white, without decoration or anything. The supplies were only chalk and eraser for the teachers.

First day homework is insanely hard, I do not know and feeling isolated from other.

Trigonometry for 5th and Logarithm for 6th. I don’t know what kind of work high schools receive.

The teacher points at me and told me to answer a question, I was shocked and confused.

I was sitting there, like a fool, and then insulted by the teacher who is saying I’m below standard.

I don’t know what to do and when I got home I cried in my bed and cover myself in blankets.

Next day was even worse, the principal told us to read a story over and over for 3 hours straight.

I felt like crying like a baby against many other people, and tear started dropping from my cheek

But I wasn’t the only one, at least I’m not alone

Even with this, at least I’m not the only one, going through this.

And this had made all the difference

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