Caught by Jane Maxwell
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Lexi has some news for husband Rob but he's not happy about it.

Caught by Jane Maxwell

'What's all this Lexi? We don't normally have all the best china on the table. Are we having visitors or something? And where are the kids?

'What's that Darling? I can't hear you. I've got the mixer going'

'I SAID ARE WE HAVING VISITORS? Wow you look stunning. Have I forgotten our anniversary?

'No don't look so worried Darling. The kids are with my mother for the night so I thought I'd cook something special and we can relax with that bottle of chardonanay your brother gave us.

I need to talk to you about something'

'Oh yes. And what might that be?

'Well I was round at Jenny's place the other day. You know they've had another baby don't you?'

'Oh have they. No I didn't'

'Oh Rob the baby is gorgeous. She's six weeks old and it got me thinking. How would you like it if we tried for another one?'

'For God's sake Lexi not this again. We have three already. I'm already working all the hours God send to support us all. I just cant cope with any more.'

'Well that's too bad Rob'

'Why's that Lex?'

'Because I did a test this morning and it showed positive.'

'Are you serious? It must be wrong. Do another to make sure.'

'No I've done two and both showed positive. I'm pregnant Rob. You'dbetter get used to it.'

'That's too bad Lexi.'

'Where are you going Rob. You haven't finished your meal.'

'I'm going to pack a bag. I'll be sleeping at my brother's place tonight.'

'I don't believe it. Surely my being pregnant isn't that bad.'

'Oh it's not that Lex. It's just that I had the snip 6 months ago. I'll be round for the rest of my clothes in the morning.'

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