The King of the Forest

wellsthompsonRaised by crocodiles, taught by birds.
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This is an unusual format, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

The King of the Forest

by Wells Thompson

I've been to the edge of the Forest where the trees groan

and sway

With red and orange branches, some still holding their green

There, I met a traveler just coming off the trail

and he told me,

In hollow breath, that further in, you can tell,

There's no mistake

There are faces in the bark, all pointing into the center

Though I'm not sure why

Some say, he whispered to me, that the trees get smaller

And some look very nearly human,

But they behold a great white oak, bigger than a glass tower

And they say it seems to kneel

And set in solid, polished stone is a message from him

When the giant was still breathing, before it took root

"In this forest, I am King, bow and be rewarded eternal."

This, he assured me, and the wind howled through the trees

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10 months agoReply
Very nicely written. It is a difficult format. It pays to be terse and you were. This was so vividly worded that I didn't need the pictures. Great work!!!

pennyI live for life
10 months agoReply
Pretty cool!