The People from Beyond: Part 2 The Light
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Today's recommendation is a beautiful short film that was written, directed, and produced by Fernanda Frick. It is titled Here's the Plan. Here's the Plan follows a married cat and dog who dream of one day owning their own cupcake bakery. However, life gets in the way.

The People from Beyond: Part 2 The Light

Today's recommendation is a beautiful short film that was written, directed, and produced by Fernanda Frick. It is titled Here's the Plan.

Here's the Plan follows a married cat and dog who dream of one day owning their own cupcake bakery. However, life gets in the way.

This is a real favorite of mine and is actually part of why I got a back into writing after too long of a break.

You can go and watch it out on Vimeo and be sure to check out more of Fernanda's work. It's truly is amazing.


Hello all. Your friendly, gorgeous narrator Beatrix is here to walk you through the horrific experience of a man having lost his daughter.

Richard and Audrey desperately followed the tracks for well over an hour.

This just didn't make sense. True Kricket was notorious for her disappearing act with her teachers and the police...

We'll get into that later.

But not with her father.

Her footprints zigged zagged all across the forest floor. It was crazy. No matter how fast they ran Kricket was so far ahead they couldn't see her.

How was that possible? She had only been outside a few minutes. She couldn't have gotten that far let alone have run leagues ahead of them.

A horrific thought sunk into Richard's head that someone may have taken her.

No that, couldn't be it.

There was only one set of footprints.

That could be it!

Tears began running down Richards' face as the thought had more time to sink in. "NO! Not my baby!" Audrey wanted to console her father, but she was just as panicked as her father.

This was only heightened as the dirt that once had prominent footprints turned into the hard dirt that caused the footprints to fade. Swerving around what felt like an endless area of trees.

Until the tracks faded into nothing.

"Oh, god no..." Richard cried as his eyes scattered across the forest desperately looking for any type of footprints on the ground with no success.

Richard began frantically running around in a circle while Audrey stood trembling not knowing where her sister could have gone.

Kricket eye's strained as a blinding light shined down alone her sleeping face.

"Uh, Dad turn off the sun..." Rolling over she was annoyed to find her bed was hard and...

Wait when did she go to bed? The last thing she remembered was walking to the moving truck... Then nothing. Opening her eyes, she found that she was laying in a mixture of dirt and leaves.

"What the hell?" Attempting to look at her surroundings she was met with a blinding beam of light. As her eyes adjusted. She was taken aback to find an orb of light hovering above her.

Kricket wildly tried backing up as well as attempting to stand all at the same time.

Once she was on her feet.

She stopped and stared at it for a moment trying to think about what it could possibly be until finally concluding, "of crap I'm dead!" Kricket was shocked but came across as almost uncaring.

"Ok, Angel, Grim Reaper, or whatever you are. We both know I'm not getting into heaven, so go ahead and send me to purgatory or hell. Whatever the place you're taking me is.

" Kricket raised her arms and shut her eyes in a stance that looked like she was more than ready to accept her fate.

The light gave no response hovering close to her. Just as it was near enough to shine on her face Kricket took off running laughing like a maniacal cartoon villain.

Looking behind her cackling grew as she saw the light getting further in the distance. When, without warning, the light faded into nothingness.

More than a little surprised Kricket's gazed focused on dodging trees and roots thinking she had one. When the light zapped in front of her.

What the?!

Kricket didn't have time to finish the thought as she took off to her left. Not looking back this time the girl hopped over a huge log and was met with The Light again.

Sprinting in the opposite direction she was met with The Light again. Running in another defection it zapped in front of her.

This continued for more than half an hour until Kricket was completely out of breath. Doubled over, gasping for air, The Light was finally able to get close to her.

Staring at the ground Kricket didn't know what to expect. Until a strange white remote fell in front of her.

As she leaned over to pick it up stopping as the light began violently flashing before bursting into nothingness.

Eyes darting around Kricket was both relieved and confused to find The Light had completely disappeared, "uhhhh, thanks I guess." Bending over Kricket picked the remote and smiled.

The remote was an unrealistically clean for just having been dropped on the dirt, but that wasn't the only thing about it that was weird.

The Remote had strange looking but's that had weird yellow glowing symbols on it and at the top of the was a flashing blue screen that took up the entire upper part of the remote.

While most people would be skeptical of a strange Light giving them a futuristic remote, Kricket took this as a sign that she was meant to have it.

Which in her mind, was confirmed when she pressed the glowing blue screen and was met the ground violently shaking.

A warped smile grew on her face. Kricket had no idea what was going on but she knew it was going to be cool.

Unfortunately for the shaking ground became steal which nearly devastated her, "What?! Awe, rip off! I wanted to create the next Pangea!"

Her depression soon fled as a cry filled, "KRICKET!!!" The cry belonged to her dad who was running at his daughter at top speed.

With tears and snot streaming down his face Richard scooped his daughter up and twirled her around in the air, "Oh, my baby girl! I thought I'd never see you again!"

Clutching the remote in her hand Kricket became annoyed, "DAD PUT ME DOWN!!!" appearing to be oblivious to his daughter's anger Richard complies only to hold her in a vice-like hug.

Rolling her eyes Kricket make a halfhearted attempt to hug him when a rage-filled voice interrupted, "I'd be nicer to the only one who has sympathy for you!"

She froze.

Locking behind her father she was terrified to find an enraged Audrey who was marching up to them.

Pushing her dad aside Audrey got right in her sister's face, "What in the hell made you to run off like that?!"

Before she had the chance to defend herself their father came between them, "Audrey I will handle this..." He turned to Kricket, eyes still full of tears, "Why'd you run away?!..."

Kricket couldn't help but laugh at the twos polar opposite reactions which survived to trigger her sister worse. "Now your just trying to piss me off!"

"Sorry, sorry ok here's what happened. A weird magical light proofed me into the forest then gave me a remote that lets me control earthquakes.

" With a big toothy grin, Kircket enjoyed every minute of seeing the confusion on her father's face and head the terror from seeing the Angier plastered on her sister's.

Trying to diffuse the situation Richard pushed Kricket away from Audrey, "Will talk more about this at home."

"Awe," Kricket sighed, "but I wanted to make more earthquakes."

"Are you trying to make your sister even angrier." Seeing his eldest daughter fury grow Richard wished for anything to take the edge. Just then a sudden clicking nose filled the air.

"Did you two hear that?

" both his daughters nodded when suddenly,

the ground from under them collapsed and the three fell from a great distance into a sinkhole along with a pile of dirt that was massive it was a miracle it didn't crush them on impact.

Covered in a clump of dirt Richard pulled himself dug himself out the scattered to help his daughters who were already parochially free.

Once all three were sure they where alright the shock and amazement set in. They had fallen into a large metallic room with little by flickering white lights.

The entire space was huge and empty except for a strange round door that opened in a weird circular retraction.

Their eyes practically budged out of their heads. In shock, Richard Turned to Kricket, "So did that bright light tell you anything about what's going on?..."

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