―(It's okay)
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It's okay to let your wings rest, while you do so, I hope these words help you.

―(It's okay)

Now, I’m going home,

I’m searching for this peaceful place,

What color is your world now?

Red flowers are now blooming,

I only see a blue light sea

that now took the petals off.

Hiding away all of these feelings,

I have swallowed all my words,

It’s okay if these days you feel like giving up,

I honestly have thought on the same thing,

Swimming and flying away, from the world,

That now has turned into grey.

My own words turned into poison,

Some of those take it as love,

At the end of a long walk…

Please, take a sip of my heart

That I have craved love for so long,

but mother didn’t want me to be hurt,

Until then, I can have the taste of this poison,

and make me understand about my heart.

Melting my true feelings in my art,

Next to you,

I became an adult.

When you can’t fly alone,

it’s okay to rest your wings,

Mixed with the smell of this world,

We may all end up not breathing again.

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