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From Auteur to Entrepreneur

by wegreenlight Originally posted here:

I am Peter Dickinson.

I am one of the co-founders of

What is WeGreenlight?

WeGreenlight (WGL) is a new community of influencers and innovators who post ideas they’re developing and greenlight the ideas they want to see made.

WeGreenlight was not always this way.

When WGL started, we were a production company that was trying democratize the film industry.

The audience decided what films we would create.

It was supposed to be a production company and was both a studio and platform that welcomed movie ideas from everyone.

Here's a throwback to our old design

I know, I know :(

This idea solved a problem I had faced as a film student

While trying to get my friend’s thesis film approved, we came at odds with our school’s frustrating “greenlighting” process that decided which scripts would go into production.

In midst of frustration, I started a production company.

I came up with a production company that didn’t rely on the perspective of a few executives. Instead, we would let the audience decide.

Here's a throwback to our posting page


Having studied film, we people would post these categories:

Action, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Romance

To cover our bases for the genres not included

We offered an “Other” category for people who wanted to post french new wave films or documentary shorts.

We knew we had to offer our own video hosting too.

Our site crashed with just over a few thousand visitors.

Rummaging through to see what movie ideas posted

We were surprised to find one of the most popular categories for the ideas posted was “Other”.

Surprised to find out

our users posted ideas they had for new apps, products, startups, and more.

@ that point, we realized our users saw more potential in us

Instead of solving an issue in the film industry, our platform could be used to help validate all kinds of ideas.

We decided to pivot away from democratizing film.

Instead, we started offering a platform to help validate and launch all new ideas.

Just remember: when you start a company you never know how it is going to evolve and how the idea will grow over time.

As much as you would like to strengthen your business plan, refine your vision, etc — your market WILL determine what you do — so start listening!

We've redesigned the site.

We want to help our users validate their ideas before they spend any time, money, and energy — unlike us.

Will you get the greenlight? #GreenlightFirst

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