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// Q&A [CLOSED] // poems stories

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// !! Q&A !! //

// Q&A [CLOSED] //

I recently hit 250 followers,

and I also recently became a Commabassador,

so in honor of that,

I wanted to do a Q&A so y'all can get to know me better!!

If you would like to submit a question/questions,

comment them down below!!

Just some sidenotes:

1) If someone has asked your question already,

please reply to their comment instead of repeating it. It doesn't matter what you reply, just something so I know that that question is important to you guys.

2) There is no limit to the number of questions you can submit, so ask away!!

3) The questions can be as deep as you want, but if I feel uncomfortable sharing, I will reply telling you that!

4) I will try to reply to as many questions as I can, if I can't answer a question of yours, I will make you aware of that.

5) There is no set date until I will be accepting questions, I'll decide when to post the answers when the questions die down a bit.

6) If I post the answers already, but you still have a question, you can still comment on here, or on the piece with the answers, and I will get to your question the next time I do a Q&A.

7) The questions can be about anything, like my interests, hobbies, writing, etc. Whatever you want to know!!

8) If I have anything I'd like to share, I will add it as well.

Thank you so much again, I really appreciate each and every one of you!!

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