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// submission for deep confession contest //

// the addict's daughter //

weekends with you

were always the same.

we would never just go out for chicken wings,

there would always be a stop after

for some marlboro silver hundreds.

it was never just a trip to the deli,

but a stop on the way back

for a six pack of blue moons.

i will never forget the feeling i got

as you slowly killed yourself

every time i saw you,

this feeling of utter dismay,

of utter disgust,

of utter

“i want you to be okay”.

of utter

“i want us to be okay”.

every time you cut my story off

to smoke a cigarette

burned another hole in my heart

and every time you stopped mid-breath

to take a swig from your bottle

drowned my senses once again.

addicts ran in the family.

addicts were normal.

why was i surprised once again?

why did i think someday

my friends’ parents would trust you enough

to let them sleepover?

why did i think someday

i would not have to lie about you?

you did not change my life,

you just kept it the same,

when i hoped you would be different.

you were just another statistic,

just another single mom gone wrong,

just another story in the news,

and i wish i could keep you at that distance sometimes,

because sometimes life gets all too personal

all too fast

and suddenly you have become the

model of what not to be and ruining the future

of the kids you do not have yet,

and you are just another stereotype

in the making

because life does not ever end well

for the addict’s daughter.

life does not ever end well

for the single mom.

life does not ever end well.

life does not ever end.

it just goes on without us.

without the single mom

who spent a dollar too much on cigarettes,

and without the daughter

who put too much weight on her shoulders.

one day,

i will be gone,

i just hope i will be more of the addict’s daughter,

than the single mom.

but words get slurred,

and the line gets blurred,

and i can no longer distinguish it,

no matter how many times

you have been told to walk it.

at some point,

there is no distinction,

just a mess of apologies

and regret

and nothing but pity

for the addict’s daughter turned single mom.

hello lovelies xx this is my submission for the deep confession contest xx please give this a vote and give this a shoutout, so i can get more exposure xx thank you so much for everything, more coming soon xx

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