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// answers to your questions //

// !!Q&A TIME!! //

to begin, i'd just like to thank all of you for participating xx the overwhelming amount of questions made my day so thank you sm for that xx also, all of you are so sweet and incredibly dear to me and i appreciate all of the kind words that are left on all of my works xx tysm lovelies xx and with that, let the questions begin xx

@hanniecakes asked: "How did you first find Commaful?"

i was on tumblr one day (if y'all want my writing tumblr lmk and i'll give you guys it) and somebody made a list of "apps to use when you're bored" and i was looking for any writing/reading ones bc i've only ever used wattpad and tumblr, where i didn't get a lot of feedback, n i'm so glad i decided to give commaful a try xx

@hanniecakes also asked: "What's your favorite genre to read? Write?"

my favorite genre to read is probably science fiction, i really like Haddix, etc. i also like to read YA novels that portray life how it is, because YA has recently shifted to representing more people and i'm loving it. and ofc, i love reading poetry, i could honestly spend all day doing just that haha (there's a lot more, pm me if ya wanna rant about books bc i'd love to talk to ya)

as for writing, i write mainly poetry (like 95% of my writing haha) i also have thought about some short stories and possibly a few realistic fiction novels, but i've never really gotten to writing them, but sometimes i use those ideas to write a shorter version of the story as a poem xx

@hanniecakes also asked: "Favorite song(s)?"

i'll split these into current favorites and all time favorites

i've been listening to a lot of different music recently, so i'll just give a list of a few that i've had on repeat recently (this is in no particular order)

chlorine - twenty one pilots i feel like chet - mxmtoon stay (cover) - 5sos six feet under - billie eilish lookalike - conan gray dying in la - panic! at the disco 888 - cavetown 11 minutes - yungblud and halsey sincerity is scary - the 1975 bishop's knife trick - fall out boy are you bored yet? - wallows

there's a lot more for current faves, but i won't drag that on for too long, if you guys want my spotify to listen to my playlists and stuff lmk and i'll give you guys it (also if you want to talk about music in general, pm me at anytime bc i'm down to rant about music whenever)

as for all time faves, i've got a lot, but the following are the ones that came to mind:

these days - wallows stall me - panic! at the disco 1950 - king princess disloyal order of water buffaloes - fall out boy what you know - two door cinema club kiwi - harry styles girls - girl in red one night only - the struts jet black heart - 5sos maybe idk - jon bellion kitchen sink - twenty one pilots

hometown - twenty øne piløts mr. sinister - idkhow (unreleased song) loving someone - the 1975 disenchanted - my chemical romance please don’t - mxmtoon love it if we made it - the 1975 1980’s horror film - wallows goodnight socialite - the brobecks lovely -twenty one pilots somebody else - the 1975

@chhr2103 asked: "What else do you like to do in your free time, except writing?"

as for extracurriculars, i have been in concert choir for five years now, i am also vice president of my school's art club, i have been in peer mediation for three years now, i am in mathletes, and i will be in leo club soon (community service)

as for hobbies, i mostly write, but i also play ukulele, bass, a lil guitar, and a lil piano. i also draw and read a lot, there's probably a lot i'm forgetting haha

@chhr2103 also asked: "What is your favourite book and film? "

i don't think i'll be able to choose one, but maybe my top five books (in no particular order) are A Wrinkle In Time, Tales Of The Madman Underground, Little Women, Catcher in the Rye, and We Were Liars). and my favorite film of all time is The Breakfast Club and recently Love, Simon

@chhr2103 also asked: "Favourite food?"

i'm polish and we have these things that are kind of like dumplings but the dough is really thin, they're called pierogi and ughh they're my favorite (specifically the ones with blueberries inside ugh i love them sm)

@chhr2103 also asked: "Dream destination?"

if i had to choose one, probably new zealand, ik it sounds funny now, but i did a full-year project on new zealand a few years ago in school, and just their outlook on life is so beautiful, and the country itself is as well xx

@soothrain (love this username btw) asked: "do u have pets?"

unfortunately not, but i had a hedgehog a few years ago (he died, but he was probably my favorite pet) i also take care of my cousins' two dogs sometimes, but idk if that counts haha

@soothrain also asked: "Fav pass time?"

i don't want to be cheesy and say writing poetry, but it's honestly one of my favorite things to do, i also play ukulele and bass guitar and sing, so anything involving writing or music really

@soothrain also asked: "Fav time of day?"

ooo this is a good one, i love early early in the morning, like four or five in the morning. i go to bed really early, just so i can wake up super early and just see the world when everyone's still asleep, if you've never done it, try going to bed early and waking up earlier, you'll be super productive, and just being able to see the world all quiet and peaceful in the morning is so beautiful xx

@soothrain also asked: "any expensive hobby u have or would like to have?

idk if playing instruments counts as an expensive hobby, but i have a lot of different instruments, along w a lot of equipment that goes along w them, but as for one i'd like to have, i really want to travel the world, the idea of everyone living so far away, but still being so similar at the root is so interesting to me and i'd love to be able to experience that firsthand xx

@abstractvt asked: "Where r u from?"

i currently live in illinois, but i am half polish and half czechoslovakian

@sugar_cupcake asked: "What is your source of inspiration?"

i get a lot of inspiration from reading other poems, like i'll read a poem and i'll really like a certain line or something like that, and i'll expand that idea into my interpretation of it, but as an entire poem, i also get most of my inspiration from my own life experiences, i tend to write at the end of each day, and whatever impacted me that day just spills out onto paper xx

@in asked: "What motto do you live by?"

ugh i really like this question and i honestly can't pick one answer but i'll list a few:

"be a little kinder than you have to." ~ e. lockhart "the sun will rise and we will try again." ~ twenty one pilots "do not accept an evil you can change." ~ e. lockhart "peace will win and fear will lose." ~ twenty one pilots "what if we could stop being different colors, different backgrounds, and just be in love?" ~ e. lockhart "life has a hopeful undertone."

"our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that ensures the successful outcome of the venture." ~ william james "only i can change my life. no one can do it for me." ~ carol burnett "the earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it." ~ chief joseph (not really a motto, just something i believe in)

@in also asked: "What's your opinion on writing?"

i don't really know if i am answering the question you asked, but writing is a really good coping mechanism for me, it helps me realize exactly what burdens i am bearing and what i am holding onto that i should be letting go, writing helps me get to know myself better and helps me realize what i can do to better myself xx

@in also asked: "What's the one thing you can't live without?"

honestly, music. i don't know what i'd do without having music to listen to when i'm down, when i'm happy, when i'm cleaning or working or writing. music is so important to me and i'm always either playing instruments, or singing, or listening to it, and honestly it's gotten me through so many rough times, and idk what i'd do without music in my life xx

@chhr2103 also asked: "How old are you?"

ahh i was debating putting my age on here, because people tend to take my work less seriously because i'm younger than they think, but at this point, i have a decent following and i think that the people who read my work will continue to read it no matter my age, and with that, i'm sixteen xx

@animefreak asked: "What are your favorites? Color, animal, movie, song, book?"

color: green animal: hedgehog movie: already answered earlier xx song: already answered earlier xx book: already answered earlier xx

@animefreak also asked: "When did you start writing?"

i've been writing short stories since probably kindergarten, but as for poetry, i've been writing poetry for around five years now xx

@animefreak also asked: "do you like cats?"

while i consider myself a dog person, i absolutely adore cats as well (as you can see, i am a very indecisive person haha) xx

@animefreak also asked: "Do you think anime is just for kids? And do you like it?"

i don't really watch anime by myself, but my friend and i sometimes watch older animes together, like totoro and spirited away, but i have no problem with anime, i don't watch it all that much, but when i do, i like it, and no, i don't think it's just for kids, i think anyone who likes it should watch it xx

@animefreak also asked: "what do you most love and hate about humanity?"

ooo i really like this one. so what i love is that we are a really progressive society and (though slowly) we will eventually get to a place where we all accept each other, no matter our differences, i always love that we are slowly shifting to listening to our youth more, because they are honestly a really strong force that will eventually help guide our world forward xx

as for what i hate, there's obviously a lot, but most importantly inequality among people, like there's absolutely no reason to treat anybody worse due to any factor, bc we are all humans, and denying fellow humans basic rights is atrocious, especially since its just a few people holding our society back from getting to a more equal society, there's a lot more, so pm if ya wanna talk

@lisha asked: "Hi buddy where do u belong from and do u like socializing with ppl?"

hello love! as said before, i live in illinois, but i'm half polish and half czechoslovakian xx and as for socializing, i prefer being alone or with a small group of friends, rather than large crowds, but i'm really open to talking to anyone, so if ya ever wanna talk pm me (i've said pm so many times n i sound so desperate haha) xx

@edie_taylor asked: "How are you? Are you feeling ok? 😊"

awee tysm for asking love xx and i'm actually in a really good mood today and i have been for a while, and yes i am okay, ty again for asking xx

@lunaaa asked: "Fav book?"

i already answered earlier but thanks for the question love xx

@lunaaa also asked: "Do you like Harry Potter? "

i never read the books until now, but i'm getting into harry potter slowly, but from what i've read, i really like it xx

@lunaaa also asked: "Are you part of LGBTQ+ ( I saw your profile picture and was wondering)"

yes! i am panromantic demisexual (which is basically i love gender-blind, so i don't care what gender you are, but i am only attracted to people i have a strong emotional attraction to)

@lunaaa also asked: "How old are you and when’s your birthday?"

once again, i am sixteen, n i don't feel comfortable giving my birthday out like that, but instead, i'll just say my astrological sign is a virgo xx

@jemise78 asked: "Under your screen name is \\you should be loving someone// ... do you live by this yourself?"

to begin, i'd like to ty for this amazing question, you were the first comment on my q&a post and i really appreciate that xx i went in order of first comment to last with the questions, but i really liked this one and decided to save it for last, so tysm again xx

to start off, "you should be loving someone" is a lyric from a song entitled "loving someone" by the 1975, i strongly recommend listening to it, but in general the song is about how society is really hypocritical with love, and they tend to "sell sex" to adolescents, but are hesitant to grant marriage rights to the lgbtq+ community

and in doing so, they confuse teens into ig thinking that their love is wrong if it doesn't fit with the norm, but the song is basically saying like forget all that, all you have to do love someone, doesn't matter who, as long as the love is genuine (at least that is how i interpreted the song, feel free to listen to it and pm me/comment your opinions, i'd love to hear them)

so i really like this lyric in the context of that song, so i also like it as a motto for life, like a kind of reminder to spread love instead of hate xx and as for whether i live by this or not, it depends on what you mean by that

relationship-wise, i am not dating rn, nor will i be anytime soon, bc i believe i'm in an alright place rn, and the platonic love between my friends is enough for me, which brings me to my next point, which is that i love my friends very dearly and our love is honestly enough for me rn, so, yes i do believe that i live by this myself, spreading love among my friends n also others

TYSM TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED XX this was honestly really fun n i look forward to doing more q&a's in the future, so if you want another one of these, lmk in the comments, and i'll post another place to post your questions xx i'd love to get to know y'all too, so if you'd like to answer any/all of these questions in the comments, please do!! tysm again xx

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