// Q&A PT. 2 //

                  // Q&A PT. 2 // poems stories

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// !! Q&A PT. 2 !! //

// Q&A PT. 2 //

This was originally supposed to be to celebrate 1000 followers, but *surprise, surprise* it took me a while to get to this and now I am at almost 1200 followers, so tysm for that.

(If you were tagged in this, but are not interested, I am sorry for dragging you here, I hope you have a great rest of your day xx I just tagged anyone who participated last time or said they were down for another Q&A, bc I would like to have a lot of questions to answer, once again, sorry, if you are not interested)

If you would like to submit a question/questions, comment them down below!

Some side notes:

1) Please check if someone has asked your question already. If they have, please reply to their comment with something like “I was going to ask that too!” or something of the sort, so I know that question is important.

2) There is no limit to the number of questions you can submit, so ask away! (Please ask me whatever you’re wondering, I love being able to communicate with y’all.)

3) The questions can be as personal as you want, but if I feel uncomfortable sharing, I will be sure to reply explaining that.

4) I will reply to all questions unless there is some rare occasion that I am unable to answer for some reason, but I will be sure to reply and let you know that.

5) There is no set date (yet) that I will be accepting questions, I will decide when to post the answers when the questions die down a bit. I will let y’all know a week or so in advance, so if you would still like to ask, you can.

6) If I post the answers and you were unable to get your question in on time, please comment either your question, or that you would like to see another Q&A sometime soon (comment this preferably on the posted answers), and I will figure something out to make sure your question gets answered at some point.

7) The questions can be about anything you are wondering about, like my interests, hobbies, writing, etc. Whatever you want to know!

8) If a question I answered sparks something that I would like to share, I will do that as well.

9) As I have done this before, I would appreciate it if you took the time to check if your question has been answered in a previous Q&A. I will link any previous Q&A’s in the comment section if you need to check. However, if you would like me to elaborate on an answer I gave, I will gladly answer and elaborate for you.

10) If possible, please share this! I really like doing these, and I would like to get as many questions as possible, but I hope it is not too much to ask. xx

Tysm for each and every one of you! I appreciate all the kind words and support that I have always gotten from everyone, and I hope you all know how much you mean to me!

Much love xx and I hope to see your questions very soon!! xx

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