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// contained feelings = contained healing //

// ocean in a bottle //

you were an ocean in a bottle,

seemingly calm and collected,

until your current got too strong.

you were bound to implode,

sooner or later,

so i opened your cork every now and then,

to give you some space,

to give you some room to breathe.

you were an ocean in a bottle,

a perfect image

of a pristine disaster

waiting to strike,

you rattled violently,

and made vicious sounds,

ones that could only come from things

that were bound to swallow me whole.

you were an ocean in a bottle,

so deep and blue and mysterious,

like the bruises you left along my chest,

except mine looked disastrous,

while yours looked divine.

tell me,

ocean in a bottle,

is that a bruise you are trying to show off?

because it looks awfully stunning on you.

you make me feel awestruck,

just looking at you,

even though i am looking at the same thing you left on me,

but i guess your pain looks better trapped,

and on display,

than it will ever look out in the open,

trying to heal.


hello lovelies, tysm for reading <33

first off, i'd like to thank each and every one of my followers for supporting me

i was going to publish this as a thank you for 400 followers, but we are almost at 500 dfjsaljdkl so tysm loves xx

i had an idea yesterday, n i wanted to know if y'all would be interested in it.

so, i was thinking i could publish an explanation of each of my poems, just so you guys could understand them better, and that way i'll try to publish something twice a week,

lmk in the comments if y'all would be interested in that, and if so, lmk which poem(s) you'd want me to explain first

tysm again

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