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// the main suspect in question is irony //

// lack thereof //

we have become passive.

no longer focusing on the beautiful intricacy of the present moment.

every passing second that we go through

as a living,


piece of flesh

is disregarded.

every feeling that our hearts go through is no longer relevant.

every thought that our mind allows in

is immediately thrown deeper into the bottom drawer

that we have created

in order to avoid sincerity at all costs.

we use irony as a way to hide our intimate thoughts

and cut off connections with fellow humans

because we are fearful of what

that connection entails.

we are afraid of giving ourselves up,

and away,

no matter what the reward might be.

our sincerity has become the front headline

of every newspaper of humankind,

but not as an article,

but as the image on a wanted page,

and the main suspect in question is irony.


he has kidnapped our minds and hijacked them in order

to take away all aspects that make us human.

we have become a set of robots,

one whose only coping mechanism for any feeling,

is lack thereof.

but if the primary suspect were arrested,

if irony were finally jailed,

how would we cope?

would we even?

*announcement: hello lovelies xx just wanted to let y’all know that i officially started my Instagram page ahhhhh my profile is @anastasiapoetry_ and i would really appreciate it if you could follow me, and maybe share it w other people (like a shout-out on here on or on ig), if you do not have an ig or don’t want to follow me, that’s all fine, i hope you have a great rest of your day either way.

*if you do follow me on ig, please comment your username so I can follow you back xx *update on book: not much of an update, still the same as last week, bc i have final exams this week and i was not able to do much. *q&a: i will finally be posting my q&a this weekend, ik i have been stalling, but this time i am serious, so i can’t wait for that xx

for any of y’all that are students, ik it’s the end of the year and very stressful, but make sure to take care of yourself, like eating healthy, drinking water, getting enough sleep, taking breaks from studying, going outside, etc. for anyone who is not a student, please make sure you are taking care of yourself as well, because i love y’all to the moon and back and idk what i’d do w/o you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

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