// healthy addiction (i hope) //
// healthy addiction (i hope) // drink stories

weeklybrent // you should be loving someone //
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// heal thy addiction //

// healthy addiction (i hope) //

[alternate title] // heal thy addiction //

this tale has been told before,

so many times that i never knew it was you.

i never knew that the giddy feeling i felt while boarding the bus was you,

i never knew that the homey feeling i felt was you,

i never knew that the restlessness i felt when you texted was you,

i never knew that this was more than a feeling of comfort from a friend,

but it is unapologetically you

and i want nothing less than to interlock within one another

and rest,

tired of the goddamn stereotypes,

tired of the humming in my head at every goddamn remark,

tired of the preaching by the devil himself,

tired of rights being taken away from people who are no different than i.

i almost wrote

no different than you and i.

but it is just i,

nothing more and nothing less,


for i,


i am just a letter in and of myself

one that you could probably do away with if needed be.


but you,


you are triple that

something i could never do away with even if i wanted to,

but i know damn well i do not.


for you,


you are my regular dosage,

everything i need to function for the day,


you are the drug i rely on,

because anything,

anyone else,

is not enough.


we are such a twisted tale to be told,

for we have been hidden for so long,

and we have forgotten how to function without one another.

but you continue to live on without me,

you continue to find supplements in case of my absence,

while i stay hungover and sober,

in constant realization that i will never be the same person


you are

you are to

you are to me

you are to me.


we have a name.


we are called unrequited love,

if you ask my therapist,


friends, if you ask yourself,

just love,

just love, if you ask me,

but you would never ask me,


i am

i am hidden

i am hidden too

i am hidden too far

i am hidden too far back

i am hidden too far back in

i am hidden too far back in your

i am hidden too far back in your medicine cabinet,

i am hidden too far back in your fridge,

only there when your regular dose won’t suffice,

or when there’s nothing left.

*announcement* i feel like i haven't been on here in so long, but i promise i am back fr this time xx ily all sm and i appreciate all your kind words and support *update on my book* i finished editing the second version n i am working on design elements (font, pictures, etc., my best friend is drawing the pictures and if we're not the dream team idk who is)

*reminder* you can join my taglist anytime, just comment *q&a update* ik it's been a while since i said i will post it, but i will fr post it right after i post this *suggestions?* if y'all have any suggestions for what i should do on here, please comment them, bc i want y'all to be involved in my stuff whenever possible ily xx

one last thing and i will let y'all go xx when i post my analyses , i have realized it is kind of hard to analyze them, bc ik what i was trying to say, but idk what y'all don't understand/want me to elaborate on, so in the future, i will announce which poem of mine i will analyze next and y'all can post any questions/parts y'all want me to elaborate on (comment below if that's a decent idea)

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