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// we are a mess of opposites //

// cheers to us //

cheers to the old us,

cheers to hours of crying

and hours of dancing

and hours and hours

of our gender not defining our love for each other.

cheers to the days

when our tears melted together

and left salty stale marks on your bed frame.

cheers to the days

when we loved one another so hard

that not even the heaviest downpour of emotions

or lightest of drizzles of feelings

could shake us.

cheers to endless summer nights

with our limbs intertwined,

similarly to the braids within our hair,

that we did just moments before.

cheers to us,

cheers to the never ending us,

the us that will live past this,

whatever this is,

the us that will live past our kids

and grandkids,

the us that will go down

as the epitome of love

and hope

and interminable happiness

on even the cloudiest of days.

cheers to the old us,

because the new us is anything but.

we are now

a mess of opposites.

crop tops and flannels,

glasses and contacts,


hair too short to be braided,

and hair too long to even try.

we are a mess of opposites,

but we still fit together perfectly,

in opposite ways.

you see,

we are a mess

of unread voicemails,

and missed texts,

and uncalled for rain checks,

and loneliness

and anger

and frustration,

all formed through

my mess of misread intentions.

we are not the same people

to each other

and you are more to me

than i will ever be to you.

we are fresh mint and cigarettes,

both in constant disagreement

and constant overpowering

of one another,

but i've gotten so used to

the ebb and flow

of love and hatred

that i don't know which is which.

you are still

all i'd want out of love,

but our love for each other is now defined

by our gender

and i want nothing to do with it.

we are a rose,

with both soft petals

and hard thorns,

both sensitive and defensive,

but beautiful nonetheless.

it's just that some people

prefer to leave flowers

that may be difficult to pick.

**update on book: still editing and planning illustrations, but it’s moving along nicely. also, i will have my Instagram up this week or next week, i’ll lyk asap **reminder: you can join my taglist anytime, just comment **last reminder for my q&a, as i have started answering questions, so if you are still interested, please comment on my q&a by the end of this friday xx

i would just like to take a minute to thank each and every one of you, because i feel like i do not do that enough. without all of you, i would not be where i am today, both as a writer and mentally. all of you are an important part of my life, and i would just like all of you to know that.

i love you all so much and i hope you all know that. just be yourself, because that is enough, don’t ever think otherwise. if you are goin through tough times, i am always here to help xx ilysm once again xx much love xx

okay so i am just adding this part now, because i just now am seeing everything that this creature @kaiden has done. everything he has done is absolutely atrocious. messaging girls knowingly against their will is so wrong, both morally and criminally, especially girls that are not of age. what he has done is considered harassment by all means.

anyone who has had to deal with him, i am seriously sorry. i believe his account has been taken down now, but what he did is still wrong and still affects those who had to go through it. i hope that anyone who has gone through this, both with @kaiden and in general, is doing alright, and if not, i am always here to talk. women are not objects for anyone’s enjoyment, and let this serve as a reminder of that.

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