// a trilogy of eye color //
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// six orbs of a story //

// a trilogy of eye color //

the girls you loved, then left, tell a story,

just within their eyes.

just three lost souls,

six orbs of a stanza,

like a six-word poem

that spoke too much truth,

in far too little syllables.

the first was beautifully daring,

green eyes of nothing but an adventurer,

willing to test gravity for the chance of love.

she grew forests within her eyes,

willing to provide you with oxygen

when you had none of your own.

you burnt her to the ground.

the second was just as lovely,

with eyes as brown as the cabin

you called home,

in the middle of a forest of a lost girl.

you found warmth in her,

lay within her whenever possible,

but one day, your fireplace burned too bright,

like the embers she left behind.

the third was absolutely gorgeous,

but just your poor excuse of attempting

to fix your prior mistakes.

her eyes were a deep blue,

like the river you stole water from

to try and save your cabin’s life,

like the tears she shed

before she sizzled up and vaporized into nothing.

now all you’re left with is a pile of ashes

and a cloud of smoke

that matches the unforgiving gray void of your eyes.

*brief announcement* hello lovelies tysm for everything once again xx i apologize that i only published one poem this week and no analysis, but i am trying to compile a manuscript of my poems to maybe submit to a publisher?? so that's been taking up a lot of my time, and i also have exams coming up, but i will try my best to post as much as possible, tysm again xx

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