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It was an anger management class. Peppa was getting annoyed of these. People thinking they could reach inside your mind, tell you what you thought. Ms. Zebra was the ringleader of this operation. Telling Peppa that murder is not the answer? Pathetic. Peppa was always ashamed of characters like these.

So she decided to plot against her. George was a notorious drug dealer, and his net worth was crazy. Peppa asked George if she could borrow a mansion, and George agreed. Peppa invited all the people she despised to the mansion for a party. When they were all there, Peppa borrowed George's wrecking ball and destroyed the mansion, resulting in a pile of bricks.

Peppa was on the lam. She took her vroom vroom scooter to Pedro's, which was an infamous criminal hangout. She would blend in here. She also knew the owner, Pedro Pony, so he would grant her safe access. A buff dog turned around in his chair. "What're you doing in here, kid? Go back to your house, it's bed time. Your mummy needs to tuck you in!"

His mates started laughing. Peppa didn't find it funny. "I'll twist you up like a pretzel, punk!" This seemed to make them laugh harder. "I'd like to see you try!" Peppa cracked her knuckles and got to work. She threw an uppercut up his throat, and slammed him with a roundhouse kick. Then, she hinge-kicked the dog, and finished up by pulling his arm behind his back.

"Say uncle, twerp!" Peppa shouted pulling his arm behind his back more. "UNCLE! UNCLE! UNCLE"the dog wa crying, but Peppa wasn't showing any mercy. She was gonna break his arm. But before she could, Pedro came in. "Enough!" he yelled, and Peppa dropped the dog's arm.

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